The project of the 41st misson

The activity of the 41st mission will start from July 14.

This year, we are going to Brazil and Sweden.

Brazil (July 17 ~ August 17)

[Belém 7/17~21]
Visiting Hospital Amazônia, Visiting Instituto Evandro Chagas, Visiting Nursing home
[Manaus 7/22~28]
Visiting Department of Health, Traveling clinic, Manaus mitakai
[Sao Paulo 7/29~8/5]
The meeting of medical students in Japan and Brazil, Visitig Hospital Nipo Brasilero, Sao paulo mitakai, Visiting the newspaper office, Visiting UNESP
[Boavista 8/6~12]
Associacao Medicos da Florestai, Visiting University of Roraima
[Aeracati 8/13~17]
School health examination

Sweden(August 18~ August 24)

Visiting Karolinska Institute, Visiting Elderly facility, Interacting with members of Japanese Health Care Professionals in Sweden (JHPS), Visiting Nobel Museum