Our goal

Recently, due to problems including tense international situations and global warming, it can be said that our world is facing an age of enormous change. In our present day world, with close borders connecting countries, it is inevitable that we assist each other for positive growth. Considering these backgrounds, in order for Japan to contribute internationally, it is important for us to think about intercultural exchange in various fields such as economy, science and education.

Between countries holding advanced medical systems like the US, Japan and in Europe, like many connections of international exchange. However, there are also still many medically developing countries suffering from problems which developed countries experienced in the past like imported infections. It is important that countries including Japan acknowledge this present situation, deepen mutual understanding with these countries and put effort into positive aid towards them. From this point of view, we believe it highly necessary that medical students responsible for our future society become able to meet various international demands and develop a broad mind about what is going on in the world.

In Japan today, the medical system tends to become more subdivided and specialized. As some say, this has raised some questions concerning humanity. Considering these present situations, we think that an experience in a medical society so different from Japan will become an incomparable experience as a future doctor.

Based upon these aims, the Keio University International Medical Association has sent students to parts of Central, South America over these past 39 years. We believe that these dispatches including medical research, medical assistance and communication with local medical students will and has become an unforgettable experience for students holding the future of Japanese medical society.